Last Updated: 5/22/20 – Changes are marked in red

At the Spirit, we are taking the Covid-19 Pandemic very seriously. We are so excited to be able to share beautiful Lake Champlain with you again, and hope it will bring you high ‘’spirits’’ during this unfortunate time in our history. We want to ensure that you feel safe
aboard, and know the precautions we are taking in order to do our part to keep the ship clean and our dear passengers safe.

In keeping with Governor Scott’s Play Smart – Play Safe Guidelines , we have implemented many safety measures for onboard procedures, as well as ensured that our staff is fully up-to-date and aware of new disinfecting and sanitizing procedures. While we cannot wait for life to return to normal, we realize that this has to be the new normal for now. We will be updating this page as we receive more guidelines from Governor Scott. We look forward to playing smart and playing safe with you!

Finally, we are relying on our passengers to cooperate and follow the guidelines set forth from the time you receive your boarding passes until the time you disembark the ship. While we know it is not the typical scenario you may be used to onboard, we are doing our very best to make it safe for you to enjoy Lake Champlain on the Spirit again! If you have more questions, please contact our staff at


At this time, if you have underlying medical conditions, or if you are considered high-risk, we suggest you not visit us quite yet, in keeping with the Governor’s latest set of recommendations. Please do not come to the Spirit of Ethan Allen if you aren’t feeling well or if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19. If you are currently sharing a household with someone with Covid-19, please refrain from cruising with us. We will be taking passengers’ temperatures upon boarding with a hand-held, contactless device. Your temperature may not exceed 100.4°. We ask that you practice social distancing on board (minimum of 6ft apart) from arrival until departure. This should be per household.

For now, we have changed our capacity from 500 to just 40 passengers. There will be four areas of the ship we can allow our guests on. Upon assignment of deck, we ask that you not move around the cabin from your assigned space. This is how we are keeping up with the guideline’s order of having just 10 people in a space.

Below are the four areas of the ship that our guests will currently be able to enjoy, with just 10guests per space.

The Bow (Normal capacity: 40)
Fully Outdoor/No Shade
The Stern (Normal capacity: 30)
Fully Outdoor/No Shade
The Sky Deck (Normal capacity: 100)
Open air/Covered/Shade Available
The Horizon Deck (Normal capacity: 120)
Indoor/Significant Airflow/Panoramic Windows/Full Shade
The Admiral Deck (Normal capacity: 200)
Indoor/Significant Airflow/Panoramic Windows/Full Shade

Each space will be boarded separately, based on location, ticket color and acknowledging
social distancing. Disembarkation will be similar to boarding, in a slightly different order. We request that customers utilize their selected table/seating for the full duration of the cruise, so our staff is not sanitizing unused tables and chairs between cruises. Please refer to our SANITIZATION/SAFETY EFFORTS for more information on what we are doing here. We will be requiring all passengers to wear a mask while on board. This is for the safety of both our passengers AND our staff. If you do not have a mask, we will have extras at our ticket booth, which can be purchased and kept for $2.00 apiece.

We are still waiting for local and state governments to decide on outdoor food service. Once they have allowed a reopening of outdoor restaurants, we will be serving a limited Ethan Allen Cafe menu. No food or beverage is allowed on board. Our amazing kitchen and service staff have recently taken updated SERVSAFE classes and have spent approximately 30 hours studying food safety and ServSuccess classes!

At this time, all of the employees working for the Spirit of Ethan Allen have taken the VOSHA training required by the state.


It is of utmost importance to us to keep our crew safe, as well as our passengers. We believe the two go hand in hand! The following procedures have been implemented for our on-board staff.

• Employees will not be allowed to report to or remain at work if they are sick or symptomatic (fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.)
• All employees will have their temperature taken prior to each shift before being cleared to work.  We are having all of our staff sign off on their health, in compliance with Government rules.
• The Ticket Booth will have a sneeze guard installed for protection
• We will only be accepting Credit Card payments so our employees do not have to handle cash.
• All staff must wear masks and gloves at all time, provided by the Spirit.
• The bathroom on the main level of the ship will be reserved for our staff for frequent hand washing.


While our guests have always been used to our sparkly clean bathrooms and ship, we have added many new sanitization efforts to ensure that our boat and work areas are ready for guests to enjoy. We do not want our guests or employees to feel unsafe at any time, so we
have taken the following precautions:

• The ticket booth counter and sneeze guard will be sanitized regularly after each departure.
• You may pay in advance of the cruise or you may use a credit card upon arrival. As mentioned above, no cash transactions to limit germs.
• Each guest will receive two sanitization packets per ticket. The packets contain a
wipe with 75% alcohol content.
• Tickets will now be disposable and color-coded for safe boarding.
• Our Captain, engineers, and staff will function as ushers to safely guide passengers through the ship while observing social distancing guidelines during both boarding and disembarkation. They will ensure that all guests keep a safe distance and that no crowds form upon entering or leaving the ship.
• Our bathrooms will be sanitized after each cruise, and every 20 minutes during each cruise.
• In late May/early June we will have 15 brand new touch-less sanitization stations for our guests to have constant access hand sanitizer. Due to industry demand, these will be installed and in-use as soon as we have them.
• At this time, we have added new touch-less soap dispensers that are filled with microbial soap. We are waiting on our touch-less paper towel dispensers to arrive, but will install them as soon as we have them.
We have added 10 touch-less sanitization stations around the ship for passenger and crew use. Please feel free to use as often as you feel necessary. We are waiting for five more to be delivered!
• We have added four UV-AIRE UV-16 systems — this is something that will be installed directly into our HVAC systems. This system emits a strong UVC band light through the system, which sterilizes and reduces airborne microorganisms. It neutralized the organism’s DNA so that it can no longer replicate. As new indoor air comes through the system, it is circulating through the UV light, which effectively treats it. Field Controls studies showed that test bacteria was reduced by 90% in 30 minutes! 


We are excited to begin outdoor dining again on Friday, 5/22! We will be offering a limited version of our Ethan Allen Cafe menu, which can be found here

For the quickest and easiest way to join us for a beautiful cruise and a meal, reserve in advance here: We are required to have reservations and call-ahead seating. At this time, you are still able to walk up to our ticket booth and make a reservation for the current departure, however, due to new rules regarding contact tracing, we will need to take down your contact information before we can allow you on board. 

Below are further measures we’ve taken in accordance with the new regulations on outdoor dining:

• Our tables are now spaced 10 feet apart for physical distancing.
• Only two households (and a total of 10 people) may be seated at the same table.
• We will not have more than 50 passengers dining on the ship at one time.
We have switched over to disposable menus for our limited cafe menu.
• Any condiments delivered to the table that are not in disposable/single-use will be carefully sanitized and cleaned between customers.

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