Accessibility Information

The Spirit of Ethan Allen has 3 decks which are simultaneously booked and utilized throughout the season; often for different events.   If one of your guests requires wheelchair accessibility, our Admiral deck, which is the lower level of the boat, is the only deck that can accommodate this request.  There are no stairs on this deck and there is no elevator to provide access to any other deck, including fresh air areas.   The best way to ensure your guest is on the only wheelchair accessible deck would be to call our office.  We will happily reserve your party on the correct deck,  if possible. We want to make sure that all of our guests are able to enjoy their experience to the fullest.  

If one of your guests requires assistance walking from parking lot to boat, we have 2 wheelchairs available at the ticket booth.  Our only request is that they are returned to the ticket booth after use.  There are 2 paid parking lots 250 feet from the boat with 3 handicap parking spots.  The area from the parking lot to the boat is paved.

The only animals allowed are certified service animals.  Your animal must be required for a disability and it must be trained to perform a specific task.  Emotional Support animals, comfort animals, therapy animals or any other type of animal not covered under Title II and Title III of ADA, cannot board the boat.

If you have any questions regarding our accommodations and your specific needs, please call our office at 802-862-8300 for more information. Our offices are open 7 days a week, 8-5 from May through October.

For passengers who are  Deaf or deaf and hard of hearing, we offer copies of both the full narration transcripts as well as a “Notes on Narration” packet which is a shortened list of highlights of each section of the narration.  Ask one of our uniformed crew members for a copy when you are on board, or download a copy on our website.

We have downloadable versions of our narration as well as a map showing the location of ship wrecks across Lake Champlain.  The Lake has some of the best preserved ship wrecks in America dating back to the Revolutionary War; which was the birthplace of the United States Navy with Benedict Arnold in command.    Also included in our information is a route map with additional facts about the Lake.

Click here for  downloadable versions of the  Narration and Lake Resources. 


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